Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Selena Gomez sings with T Swift at final Speak Now tour stop

We know, after Taylor Swift thanked everyone who ever came up on stage with her at this years CMA's, that the blond skinny cat girl has a lot of famous musician friends. But did you know...Selena Gomez is her BEST friend? This is according to Taylor at the final concert of her Speak Now tour last night in New York.

She told the audience that she couldn't believe she had never sang on stage with her best friend and then out pops Selena. They sang Who Says...good choice, as most of the kids were singing and couldn't tell how bad they were.

The most entertaining part of the video is the man yelling affection at one of the girls (can't tell if it is Selena or Taylor)...what is this dude doing at a Taylor Swift concert?


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