Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Ryanair never ceases to amaze me

If you have ever traveled in Europe you have probably heard of the budget airline from Ireland, Ryanair. Super cheap tickets, but they charge for everything extra.

They were even contemplating a couple of years ago making passengers pay a pound to use the washrooms on the planes. That didn't fly...but then they announced this year that they were going to be removing one of the three lavatories on each plane to make room for seats. Lovely.

Anyways, it was just announced that Ryanair is not only cheap, but trashy as well. Soon you may be able to watch porn in-flight on your smartphone by using a Ryanair App. If you were thinking it would be played on a screen on the back of the seat in front of you, I should probably tell you that I am surprised when this airline has working seat belts...I would pass out if they had televisions. 

Two things: If I ever fly Ryanair again (I swore it off last time I went on a flight and almost got trampled while getting on the plane during their free-for-all seating) I will now be grossed out and suspicious of anyone watching something on their iPhone or android. Eck.

Second...think of why people watch porn and then think of a good reason why they should be watching it on a plane sitting next to random strangers.

And why would they introduce this after they have taken away the third washroom. That is just rude.


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