Thursday, November 17, 2011

Robyn, NO! @robyndellunto (MUSIC VIDEO)

Torontonian, Robyn Dell'Unto's newest music video is a dis-as-ter.

Two things Ms. Dell'Unto, that I hate about this video.

1. You have 14 (or 15?) dudes in this basically you had a chance to mount 15 hot guys, BUT there was only 3 semi-hot guys in this whole video. WTF. What a wasted opportunity! I am appalled that you didn't use this opportunity to score some grade A meat. For real. That is half of the reason people do music videos.

2. Vampires. REALLY!? So overdone and irritating!

Robyn, I love you, I love this tune, but you are making some bad choices on the music video front. Please do not butcher is my fave. I have high hopes.


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