Friday, November 4, 2011

Nickelback to Ruin the Grey Cup @2011GreyCup

Ah gross. It was just announced that Nickelback will be performing at the Grey Cup half time show this year. I think the people organizing this event are trying to see how many TVs they can get to simultaneously turn off at the same time.

What the hell is wrong with this country? Why do we perpetuate the popularity of this watered down rock and roll hack band with the lead singer whose face looks like a old wrinkly vagina? If we could figure out the problem to this question it would probably unlock the ancient secrets of the earth and we could finally obtain world peace.

And those poor people who will be watching in the stands...I am feeling your pain already. Tragic.


Send your hate and disappointment to @2011GreyCup. Join the movement...the anti-Nickelcrap movement.

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