Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Nickelback jokes on Petition Against Nickelback

Remember when there was a petition going around to ban Nickelback from playing the halftime show at the Detroit Lions Thanksgiving Day game? I thought it was hilarious and Canadians (as apathetic as they are) should start their own for the Grey Cup.

This Funny or Die video shows that Chad and the Nickelback crew have a sense of humour. I don't think I have ever heard any of the other Nickelcrack members speak. Interesting.


PS. Chad, that Robo Cop outfit was as ghetto as your hair.


  1. Nickelback walks into a bar…then there is no punchline because there is absolutely NOTHING entertaining about Nickelback.

  2. WARNING: If you see a link that offers you free tracks from Nickleback’s new album…DO NOT CLICK ON IT! It goes to a link with free tracks from Nickleback’s new album!

  3. if you play any nickleback song backwards you hear the demonic words of the devil, even worse if you play it forwards you hear nickleback.

  4. Why do they call themselves Nickelback? Because if you went to see them play and you only paid a nickel for your ticket, you’d want your nickel back.


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