Saturday, November 19, 2011

Netflix bringing back Arrested Development

Arrested Development is coming back for one short season before the supposed movie is made.

Netflix will air the new episodes, which will supposedly have all the cast members return, come 2013.

Bringing a classic show back to production on new episodes exclusively for Netflix customers is a game changer, and illustrates the incredible potential the new digital landscape affords great content providers like Twentieth Century Fox Television and Imagine," said Peter Levinsohn, Fox Filmed Entertainment’s President of New Media & Digital Distribution.

Well I never thought I would see the day...Netflix is not NBC/ABC, but it'll do.


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  1. Netflix is the future... it and other streaming sites like it... so making the jump to original content and not just the table scraps of seasons past is brilliant. Enough A.D. fans out there to put a major spike in their subscriptions.

    PLUS - I'd go to the MOON to see new A.D. so I guess I'm happy it's back... no please just don't suck like most American comedy shows getting into a 4th season...


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