Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Need to redo my Oscar Party Invitations: Eddie Murphy is Out

It was the first time in the past couple of years that I thought the Academy picked the right person to host the Oscars. Don't get me wrong...I was dying to see what Anne and James were going to do last year, but I never thought they would be outstanding (and they weren't)...but Eddie Murphy. You couldn't go wrong with Eddie Murphy.

It was announced yesterday that Brett Ratner, who was set to produce the show, had resigned after saying "rehearsal is for f-gs" after a screening of his new movie Tower Heist. I am assuming he came down with the God awful red-neck-ass-hole syndrome for a couple of seconds...but in Hollywood, dropping an anti-gay slur in a public forum will get you blacklisted for life...or at least completely cut the heart out of your dream to produce the biggest awards show of the year.

So that drams all went down yesterday...then it was announced today that Eddie Murphy had also dropped out of his role in the show. NOOOO. I already had my Oscar party Invitations in the works. Now Eddie has gone and screwed everything up.

I realize that his friend had a forced exit and he is being loyal and everything...but he is truly killing my entire theme. Now I can't have Party All the Time playing on repeat during the red carpet show NOR can I force everyone to dress in clothes from the mid-80s. Tragic.


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