Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Movie Madness: Out This Weekend

WARNING: Avoid the theatre at all cost this weekend, unless the theatre you are planning on going to is not screening Breaking Dawn...and in that case it is probably going to go bankrupt.
The Descendants
This movie is so utterly could any woman ever cheat on George Clooney? Exactly, it would never happen. This looks like one of those movies that the critics will gush over, it will get nominated for a bunch of Oscars and then for a couple of months everyone will say they need to see it ASAP...but then March will come around and if you haven't see it yet, never going to happen.

Happy Feet 2
There is nothing about this trailer that draws me to watch this movie. There is also nothing about it that makes me think any child that I know would like it either. Sexy Back? I HATE when chlidren's movies try so hard to appeal to adults. They are for f-cking you think Aladdin was trying to appeal to adults? Little Mermaid? Lion King? No...but those were all specatcular. Back to basics bitches...all these bells and whistles are making my head hurt.

Twilight: Breaking Dawn
The end is near. That is the only good thing about this movie...once this is released there is only one more left until the end of the saga. Praise the Lord. I also quite enjoy Kristen Stewart looking deathly ill. That is all.

My Pick: The Descendants...because come February you will be thinking you should probably see it, plan ahead.


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