Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I was riding an elevator today and a man looked at the news prompter screen that flashed a story about Lindsay Lohan going back to jail again. He got all confused and said...didn't she already go to jail? Are these prompters displaying old stories?  I then had to confirm to him that Lindsay goes to jail about once every 8 months and the news reel was recent.

Lindsay just can't seem to get herself out the revolving door of hell. The only people who actually take full notice now when Lohan gets a court date and is eventually sentenced to more time in the poky is TMZ...because they love the court drama. They also like debating over what the sentence will be, how much of it she will serve and how many hours until she breaks her probation. If the whole 'stalking celebs with camera's' business one day becomes illegal, I see a gambling ring in the TMZ headquarters future.

I don't even have any constructive criticism for Lindz anymore. She is so ridiculous and is clearly not getting the point...I would say go back to your ginger roots, but come on. The hope for a rebound is over. Even if she does fix her one will ever trust her again. There is only one Robert Downey Jr....Hollywood has no room in their hearts for another.


Side note: I do like Lindsay's outfit from her court date today. Very cute.

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