Saturday, November 26, 2011

In Review: The Wizard of Oz #YYC

There were a couple of things working against this show from the get go: 1. It is a show aimed at children. Children's entertainment = torture. 2. One of the main points of interest was the little dog that played Toto. Animals do not do it for me. 3. I didn't really like the original either.

I wanted to throttle Dorothy from the time she walked on the stage until the moment she took her bow. Maybe it was because she was putting so much energy into the dog, which I didn't understand nor care for. Or maybe it was because she was over enunciating every word out of her mouth, making Dorothy so naive she seemed borderline handi, and did not come close to nailing Somewhere Over the Rainbow...this may have been my biggest disappointment of the evening.

Or maybe my biggest disappointment was the yellow brick road which was a string of yellow LED running lights. Now I understand your need for a  quick change over, but that was just so amateur. They totally went high school production on that and over the top for other parts. The sets were actually more intricate then most sets I have seen out of ATP. I don't know if I loved it or hated it....I did hate the yellow brick road.

The amount of 'aws' from the audience because of the dog was seriously nauseating. Yeah, it was a little dog...which was basically carted around in a picnic basket the entire show. I don't understand the big deal. Now if the dog lost its mind, jumped off the stage and attacked someone in the audience I would be more inclined to be fascinated by it.

My favorite characters of the show were both evil ladies, the Wicked Witch and Miss Gultch, played by Elinor Holt . I have never been disappointed with a character played by Holt...she is a mad genius and should get some respect.

The kids seemed to enjoy the show...but that is because they are kids and don't know up from down.

Verdict: 2.0 Stars


The Wizard of Oz is playing from now until December 31, 2011 at Alberta Theatre Projects.

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