Wednesday, November 2, 2011

In Review: A Very Merry Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas

Harold and Kumar have returned to give you a slight distraction from your otherwise boring and useless life. The movie was mildly entertaining, somewhat shocking, and all in all...disappointing.

Harold and Kumar haven't seen each other in 2 years. Harold is now married living in the burbs with his hot Latino wife and Kumar is still a stoner living in the apartment in the city. It is Christmas and Harold and wifey are having her family come in for the holidays...of course her father hates Harold and he will do anything to win his approval. Vanessa broke up with Kumar a couple of months ago leaving him along with his bong and apparently no razor. Vanessa shows up and tells Kumar she is pregs and he is so high he doesn't process it well. So this sets the scene for the movie. Both dudes are miserable...but at least Kumar is high.

A package is delivered to Kumar's place for Harold. Kumar decides to drop off the package to Harold on his way to a party with his roommate (where his roommate has been asked to come to pop the cherry of some teenage girl)...shit goes down and Harold's father in-law's Christmas tree gets burnt down and the search for the replacement tree beings. And of course, like any Harold and Kumar adventure, all sorts of outrageous stuff happens to them.

Car accident, a baby on coke, chick trying to rape Harold, mobsters, drugged egg nog, claymation trip...and that's all before they finally meet up with Neil Patrick Harris. If you recall he was the only reason I (or anyone with brains) went to see the movie. He was in the movie for approximately 8 minutes and it was nowhere near the greatness of his last stint in a H&K movie. Not even close. The NPH magic was not there.

The movie continued with more bad situations and stupid solutions. It ended with me thinking...if the plot is that brutal you should at least have given me some belly rumbling laughs. Eff.

Verdict: 2.3 Stars


Side note: If you watch it in the theatres you will be able to pick the stoners out in the crowd...if they try to inhale when the smoke goes 3D.

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