Sunday, November 13, 2011

In Review: Tower Heist

I didn't think this flick was going to be a history maker. And I was right. The whole plot was pretty uninventive...poor people steal from rich dude who rips them off. Yada yada yada. You know the drill.

The big news from this movie was Eddie Murphy. Now I am even more disappointed that Eddie pulled out of his Oscar hosting opportunity. The old Eddie, the one pre-penis removal who didn't do lame shit like Dr. Dolittle, was present in this film. It was amazing. I haven't laughed that much at Eddie and his gap teeth since...gawd, I don't even remember.

Ben Stiller was solid in this movie. He wasn't one of the supporting funny characters, he left that job to Murphy, Matthew Broderick and Michael Pena. I like Stiller more in the normal person roles...I find his version of comedy to be too...irritating. Blue Steel makes my insides feel like razor blades.

I'd say you save your money and not go see this on a big screen...but definitely drop 5 bucks and rent this bad boy. You will get some good laughs even though the ending was a quick wrap and quite lame.

Verdict: 2.9 Stars


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