Tuesday, November 22, 2011

In Review: Stomp

Stomp is the 'musical' where they use everything including the kitchen sink to make rhythm and beats. As soon as they came on the stage smacking their brooms on the ground I thought, 'My brother would love this.' (Not because he is a janitor, because he plays drums...show some respect).

And I think my bro and others of his kind are the only ones who would be completely entertained for this entire show. It got a little stagnant for me. Towards the middle all I could think of was:


Some of it was pretty legit. There was this one part where they lit lighters in the dark...it was cool, until I started to think of a movie that came out when I was in middle school with Usher. I could not think of what it was and it totally distracted me from the show. I totally thought it was Hold Up Your Lighters, but it is actually called Light It Up (it was brutal, in case you were wondering). By the time I was paying attention again they had out basketballs and were doing dribble beats. Pfft, been there done that - High School Musical bitches. Get cha head in the game.

The audience around me seemed to love it...the drunk cacklers behind me loved the 'funny' guy who got the short end of every stick. It actually depresses me what some people find funny.

All in all it was an entertaining evening. On the alternate...I saw the same kind of thing on the streets of New York - for free - and it was a tenth of the time. Just saying.

Verdict: 2.8 Stars


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