Monday, November 14, 2011

Hell on Earth: Twilight Tent City

When a Twilight movie comes out you almost forget that Beliebers exist. Twi-hards are a super scary brood of emo angsty teenagers and stay-at-home cougar mothers...and until the movie has opened they will be coming out in full force. This week could not be over soon enough.

The LA premiere of Breaking Dawn was this evening so of course people camped in a tent city outside of the theatre for their chance to get a glimpse at the cast and possibly get into the movie. you have people camping out for however long and then you are going to give them tickets to go into the theatre...hopefully they got a shower pass first. Gross.

If there were terrorists out there that wanted to get rid of the degenerates of society...well, they have all been placed together in an easily targeted area. Just sayin.


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