Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Get Ready for Another Duggar

Oh good Lord. The Duggars, of the TLC show 19 and Counting, have just announced that they are expecting child number 20. Her vajay must look like a moon crater at this point. Seriously...why would anyone in their right mind do this to themselves?

Don't they have some sort of 'old people' clause in the Mormon Bible...like, once you pass 40 you don't need to pop out any more kids? Michelle is 45...this cannot be easy on her body. I also think it should be a rule that once your kids start having kids you need to tie the tubes or something. As we all know...her oldest son Josh already has 2 kids with his wife and he is only 23. I still haven't graduated from taking care of bamboo to a goldfish yet and I am 25. (Actually if we are keeping score I have killed 1 bamboo plant and three Cactus...yes, they can be killed, I am proof of that).

Well on the bright side...there is another check from the Gov...gotta keep that income coming in steady right. And it is not like it will be hard at this point for her to push out a kid. Hell I wouldn't be surprised if she multitasked this one right out of the gate. Grocery shopping giving birth to the kid in aisle 6 while picking up 10 boxes of family sized Cheerios.

UPDATE: The Duggars are not Mormon. Mind officially blown.


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  1. She is all kinds of cray-cray. Definitely not Mormon though.


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