Saturday, November 12, 2011

Emma Stone, SNL should thank you

Emma Stone has got one hell of a funny bone. It wasn't enough to save every skit that she was in on one is that perfect, but she did a good job of making some shining moments of recent SNL history tonight.

Stone's appearance on SNL was a double pleasure as she brought along her boyfriend (have they gone on the record yet saying they are doing the dirty?) Andrew Garfield for her opening monologue about Spiderman. Cute.

Her best skit of the night was her playing 'Wallace' a socially awkward girl who was invited to a bridal shower and doesn't understand what gifts and activities are appropriate. I don't want to ruin anything...but once there is a video up I will link it. It was epic.

Emma Stone, I love you. Please do not pull a Lindsay. Thanks.


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  1. I totally agree with you! She was wonderful also in the Adele's skit and the technology hump. Best episode of the season!


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