Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Bill Maher vs. Elisabeth Hasselbeck

Comedian Bill Maher was on The View today...and, like most outspoken democrats who take the couch at The View, he went head to head with daytime's only vocal republican Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

The near violence showdowns on TV are always entertaining aren't they? This is why The View is so successful. You may hate Elisabeth Hasselbeck, but without her it would just be the Joy Behar show with a supporting cast panel with no real opinons. You may disagree with Elizabeth, but at least she's got balls.

In this particular exchange she asked Bill about a joke that he made when CBS news reporter Lara Logan was raped and assulted during the Egypt riots last year. He said something along the lines of trading Logan for Elisabeth. Hasselbeck was not impressed...but she said she didn't think it was funny because it had something to do with trading women.

OK Elisabeth, let's be honest...you were pissed he wanted to trade you to the rapists not because you think he is a women hater. It's ok, I would be too.


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