Friday, November 4, 2011

Biebs and Buble

Justin Bieber posted this photo of himself and Michael Buble today on Twitter. Maybe Buble is giving the kid some tips on how to be a discreet mac-daddy-ho. We all know Buble is a philandering huss bag, but I still love the man. Biebs obviously doesn't know how to keep his deviations under wraps.

Updates come in on the hour with the whole 'Bieber impregnated a chick backstage at one of his concerts' story. Team Bieber has adamantly denied it since second one. Then it turns out the chick who is accusing him of the fathering also got arrested after she accused her ex-boyfriend of the same thing. When he said it wasn't his she broke his windshield. Sounds like a lovely upstanding citizen to me.

So that taints her Biebs is in the clear now right? Wrong...according to Selena Gomez who, if reports are factual, has dumped Bieber over the whole debacle. There are however, other reports that say she broke up with him previously because he is immature. News flash Selena, he is a teenage boy...they don't grow up until they are at least 30...and then sometimes they never do.

Team Bieber is supposedly afraid that if she breaks up with him for real it will look like an admission of guilt. Sure it wouldn't look good for now, but people will forget about this baby mama drama after Biebs gets on TV and flashes the tweens a Bieber smile and a peace sign.

The only one who is screwed in this situation is Selena. I have said before...the only thing this chick has going for her is being Bieber's can't save her soul and she is going to lose at least half of her minions once the Biebs is out of her life.

True story.

UPDATE: They are still together.


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