Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Bieber ain't no baby daddy

Mariah Yeater had claimed that golden-boy-tween-heart-throb-hair-master Justin Bieber was the father of her 3 month old child and was suing him for child support. She said that he nailed her after one of his concerts in LA last year and demanded a paternity test.

Biebs was going to do the test and then sue Yeater once it came up negs. Fortunately for Team Bieber it never went that far because Yeater dropped the paternity case against Biebs last week.

Interesting...I always said that none of this would stick to the Biebs. It would either come up false OR Team Bieber would protect their prize jewel and pay the girl off. Interesting that she dropped the suit after weeks of saying she definitely nailed Bieber and people didn't even find out about it until today.

Job well done Team Bieber, well done.


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