Monday, October 24, 2011

Top 5: Worst Commercials on TV Right Now

Pretty sure I am one of the only people on the planet without a for those of you who have one, this is what you have been missing. Feel free to come over to my house on Monday or Thursday evenings when I am watching my regulars and see me buckle in pain from these commercials. Torture.

 MTV Europe Music Awards
What is more annoying than Selena Gomez singing "Congratulations to Me!" to herself? Selena Gomez rapping 'Congratulations to me' while looking like a chola off the street. Does this make me want to watch the MTV Europe Music Awards? Of course not...I'm not masochistic.

Worst advertisement ever. First...grown up Wendy is not as gingery as I would like. Second...Wendy obviously got free food from her daddy's restaurant for her entire life. They have tried to make it look like it could be healthy...lies.

Fiat 500
If you drove that car through the Bronx...someone would shoot at you for fun and the only reason people would be chasing you down the street is so they can be the first person to shank you when you stepped out of the car.

Old Navy
I think this commercial speaks for itself. Is there awards for worst jingle of the year? FOUND YOUR WINNER. Look no further! But it is not like anyone is taking this seriously. I definitely am is clearly a joke - why else would you have 2 gingers as your main characters?

Honda Civic
I just don't understand why this ninja is eating licorice (or whatever that is). It irritates me. Oh...and so does the song, and that chicks face.


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