Monday, October 10, 2011

Top 5: Things to be Thankful for in 2011 ( far)

Today is Thanksgiving! So I would like to take a moment and think of the things I am most thankful for this year in pop culture...

While his dashing good looks disappeared between coke bender #1 and hooker 5,000 I am glad that Charlie Sheen has made it through another year. Team Sheen.

There is nothing better than the Backstreet Boys on tour...except for the Backstreet Boys on tour with the New Kids on the Block! Annnnnd Donnie Wahlberg ripping off his shirt. PRAISE THE LORD for that.

Although I never got to see the Royals while they toured Canada...I am grateful that they donned their white hats during the Calgary Stampede. Let those photos be used for decades to come to promote Calgary's Skankpede. Yeehaw.

We have had two idiots declare that they are not going to be running for the Republican nomination as Barack's term comes to an end. I would have been an entertaining election if Donald or Sarah were running, but let's leave the circus to reality TV.

Kate Gossling is off our TVs...for now. I would be a complete fool if I were to think that she was going to be off TV forever. She will squirm her way back in there somehow, I have no doubt. Hollywood loves trainwrecks.  I am glad that her kids are going to be off TV...hopefully for good. If they stay off the tube there is a chance I will have to take them off my "Top Ten Celeb Candidates for possible substance abuse issues."


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