Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Some other things I thought you would like to know...

What the hell is this? How is it that all of the players are ignoring him. That is a tad rude do you not think?

SO Jessica Simpson seems to be preggo...she isn't saying anything about the baby inside her. We know one is in there...we just don't know if it is made from food or sperm+egg.

James Van Der Beek is having ANOTHER child with his new wife...super sperm. BANG...preggo.

Tony Romo announced that his wife is pregnant...take that Jessica Simpson and your fake baby.

Lindsay Lohan posed for Playboy...in their prison issue (jk)...seriously Lindsay, stop being such an attention whore.

SPOILER: Chaz Bono is no longer on Dancing with the Stars...may I ask again why that show continues to attract viewers? Blows my mind.

Steven Tyler fell in the shower and had to cancel a show...no, this is not an old piece of news...this shit just seems to happen all the time to ol Stevie.

Justin Bieber released another Christmas song featuring Usher...in other news, Michael Buble released a legit Christmas album. Buy that shit...download Biebers' off FrostWire.


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