Sunday, October 16, 2011

Some other things I thought you would like to know...

This is SICK. A child in China is run over by a car, the car drives away. People walk by and do NOTHING and then the kid gets run over again. Good God I almost chucked watching this.  Despicable.

Robert Downy Jr. asked Hollywood to forgive Mel Gibson for being a lunatic at some kind of awards show the other other news, I think we should forgive Sarah Palin for the use of her vocal chords. (*Eye roll).

Sony has acquired the rights to a Steve Jobs bio pic...oh let the search being for the man to play the roll of Apple's magician.

Shannen Dorherty got someone just as insignificant as her.

The new Charlie's Angels remake got cancelled...Farrah Fawcett has rolled back over to a peaceful position in her grave.

The new iPhone 4 sold upwards of 4 million units in the first weekend...guess Steven's passing made everyone forget that people were not too excited about this phone.

Rick Ross had a couple of seizures on a private jet and cancelled his planned performances....holy GOD, Rick Ross still performs?

Hilary Duff is having a boy...yay for not having to live through Lizzie McGuire 2.0

Lindsay is going back to court again and if all goes wrong she may get over a year in jail for violating probation...the bitch will never learn. Someone needs to smack that huss in the box.

Nikki Reed and her American Idol cast off BF got married yesterday...they should have waited until the release of the new film to create some buzz...just kidding, this is not buzz worthy.


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