Friday, October 7, 2011

Some other things I thought I'd let you know...

The Prince Albert Health Region in Sasky entered the Pink Glove Dance contest. This is their video submission. Love it. They are one of two Canadian submissions and are currently in 4th place for votes. If you would like to vote for them click here.

Sugarland is going to perform a free concert in Indianapolis...this is because the last time they were there a giant gust of wind blew the stage over and killed a bunch of people...hopefully this one is indoors.

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore are supposedly on the rocks (on the rocks = he banged some chicks in a hot tub on their anniversary)...I am choosing to believe this is not true because if they get divorced then Demi will have to change her Twitter handle from MrsKutcher to something else...and that would throw the world off it's axis.

The Kim Kardashian Wedding extravaganza is on TV this weekend...turkey coma and hours of superficial, overspending wedding madness? Yes please.

Topless photos of Madonna have made their way other news, a video of Tupac drinking, smoking a J and getting a beej all that the same time surfaced a couple of days ago....and the winner is....

Kristin Davis adopted a baby cute, it's like Charlotte York in real life.

Rihanna was spotted getting cozy with a British boxer/model...a boxer model? Oddest combination ever.

Liv Tyler's mom bashed Dina Lohan's parenting...she's a little late to that bus.


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