Monday, October 3, 2011

Russell Brand, What a jokester. Not Banned in Canada

HI-Larious. Russell Brand has a bunch of upcoming shows in Canada including one in Calgary that I have tickets to. So on Saturday when I saw him tweet that he was unable to go to a show in Ontario because Canadian customs would not let him through I got a little worried. (Ok, let's be real....I lost my mind).

But it turns out that his plane had a mechanical problem and he never even got in the air. Don't worry Canadians...Mr. Katy Perry is still able to come to the great white north.

I am not surprised that people believed his little prank, as he has been detained in other countries before, AND these were the tweets that he sent out:

HELP! I'm gonna be late for Casino Rama show unless someone can force Canadian customs officials to let us land in Orillia!

Let me in! I must perform at Casino Rama, Orillia tonight at 9 for 5000 Canadians!

Tonight's Casino Rama show postponed. I'm sorry. I can't enter Canada. We must abolish the borders between our nations AND our minds.

Well done Russell, well done.


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