Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Rest in Peace Mr. Jobs

Dear Steve,

I found out today that you had passed away after your 7 year battle with pancreatic cancer. What a trooper you were...7 years is super legit, I can't even imagine. You were only 56 years old which is a tragedy in itself. There is so much more you could have given us, is it greedy for me to mourn this loss as well?

Steve Jobs is the name that has become synonymous with creativity and technological genius. You have truly left your mark on the world with your story and your legacy...well it is just that: a mother effin Legacy.

In your '05 commencement speech address to Stanford you told the story of your success. It is telling of the drive and determination that took you through life. Sleeping on the floors of friends while taking classes for no credit just to learn and collecting bottles to eat. What the hell were you thinking?! To think that you could have just went home and started working at a gas station...the reason I am an average loser is because I would have chose the latter.  I don't even want to think about where we would be now if you had my lack of ambition.

You will be missed. Hopefully you okay with any direction Apple chooses to take after you are gone. God will probably be pleased that you are joining him in heaven. He probably needs someone to revamp heaven and get it up to date. You are going to have so much fun flipping the lid on the kingdom you may even forget when Apple launches a new product...but not like you would. God will defs let you have full access to the viewing room during those months before a launch and he may even let you have haunting rights to make sure things go out as planned...but I don't know. Haunting and ghosts and stuff may not even be real...that may just be something Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze convinced me of as a child. By the way. Say hi to Pat for us, what a dude. You are in good company.

Thanks for everything Steve. You and your turtle necks will be missed.


Side note: I wrote this with a MacBook and I tweeted my first response with my iPhone. I think Steve would be proud.

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