Friday, October 28, 2011

#NowPlaying: MG's Pick of the Week: Rural Alberta Advantage

Although it was almost a week ago, my head is still spinning from seeing the Rural Alberta Advantage in concert last week. So much energy, and they ended their set with a completely acoustic (read: not even a microphone was used) rendition of their song goodnight, which had them standing amongst the audience with only a guitar and a drum. Pure magic.

Also – did I forget to mention that the venue was a 262 year old church? Because it was – and it was awesome.

Anyways, back to Rural Alberta Advantage. The lead singer spent his childhood in Alberta, as you might guess from the heavy Alberta name dropping in a lot of their songs. Both the lead singer and the girl play about three instruments during the live show, while still managing to sound vocally flawless. The drumming is mind blowing – I have absolutely no idea how he keeps up the pace. Crazy.
It was hard to pick one RAA song that I love the best, but I do really like Frank, Ab. It’s haunting, and about the Frank Slide in, you guessed it, Frank, Alberta. It’s your little history lesson for this Friday.


Ugh. Not feeling this. I don't dislike the RAA, but I am pretty indifferent. Their album stuff is decent, but this live video...I don't understand the draw.


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