Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My Thoughts: On Bieber's Mistletoe

Can someone please tell Justin Bieber that he is a skinny white kid and he should not be saying 'shawty' in a Christmas song? Like seriously...what is this? Thug Holiday? (which is a fantastic Christmas song by Trick Daddy...but he is crazy...and he has grillz.).

I should be with my folks, I know. But I'll be chilling under the mistletoe.
What in the good name of old Saint Nick is this Justin! You know that you just gave ever tween child in America license to tell their parents to screw off during the holidays. It is the family holiday. I would like to see what the Parents Council has to say about THAT. They are going to call from it to be banned from the radio...or at least the grade 6 Christmas sock hop.

The wise men followed a star, like I followed my heart.
Right Biebs, right. You trekked through the desert on a camel forever in search of a mythical are telling me that your puppy love is on the same level. You sicken me.

And do we not just love all the girls in their dresses with short sleeves at an outdoor the middle of winter...while it is snowing...while all the dudes are wearing coats and scarves...chivalry is dead.

Oh...and the tune is not that great either, but possibly the best part of the song.


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