Thursday, October 20, 2011

Movie Madness: Out this Weekend

This weekend has a couple of releases, but nothing that I would back for spending your hard earned $13. If you go to the theatre this weekend I think you should try to check something off your bucket list and sneak in...but please, don't pay for this stuff.

Dirty Girl (limited)
The music in the trailer is confusing sounds like something that would be played on a made for TV Disney tween movie, or one of Lindsay's early films (before the fall) then I start thinking this movie is not as raunch as the title and synopsis make it out to be. So confused, yet so intrigued.

Johnny English Rebourn
First, how is Rowan Atkinson as any character besides Mr. Bean? I can't handle this 'Johnny English' nonsense...and the talking. Good God. Yes, I do know that this is the second movie so this should not be a shock...but it gets me every time. Oh...and the movie looks completely unbearable.

Paranormal Activity 3
I have never seen one of these movies because it was always labeled horror and we know I don't do those...but after watching this trailer I think...have you never watched Ghost Hunters or any of those shows? Cause I feel like this fits right into that area and I that is not too terrifying to me. Little dead babies walking around = scary. Unexplained doors slamming = not scary.

The Three Musketeers
The 90s version with Kiefer, Charlie and Oliver was not great...ok it was kind of bad, but at least they didn't have a 12 year old D'Artagnan. Yes, Chris O'Donnell is annoying, but this kid looks like...a kid. Also none of the Muskys are hot. What the heck is up with that. Fail. Orlando Bloom's character looks outrageously annoying and the whole 'woman best assassin ever thing'...can only be done by Angelia, and even that is over played. I'll pass.

My pick: Yikes...I may have to go with the limited screen showing...Dirty Girl. Sorry blockbusters, but your tricks aren't fooling me.


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