Thursday, October 6, 2011

Movie Madness: Out this Weekend

We have a couple crowd pleasers this weekend...and as it is a long one in Canada (Happy Thanksgiving to all) there is a chance you may hit up the theatre with the fam.

1911 (Limited)
So I wasn't even going to write about this because it is in Cantonese, BUT I thought I would say...Jackie Chan in a serious movie? Um, don't feel right about this. Plus, no Chris Tucker. Not cool.

Ides of March
The cast listing alone should give you a push to go see this movie (minus Evan Rachel Wood...not a fan). Phillip Seymour Hoffman is one of my all time faves and George and Ryan...well I could look at them all day everyday for the rest of my life and not be unimpressed.  I like the angle of this political Media can f-ck you or make you.

Margaret (limited)
Matt Damon what the hell are you doing making out with one of your students. Terrible. That clearly is not the main issue of the movie...Mark Ruffalo mows down a woman with a bus and she dies and all hell breaks loose for this girl who just wanted to go and get laid. Tough times. Tough, tough times.

Real Steel
Boxing Robots? This looks ridiculous. I know we all love Hugh Jackman, but for the love of God I hope this movie bombs and we never see anything like it again.

Trespass (limited)
This trailer makes this movie look ok...minus the fact that I have seen this movie a billion times before (and for the record Hostage was my favorite of the 'kidnap rich people in their homes and try to rob them' genre). Nicolas Cage is irritating, and with those glasses...well I just don't know if I could stomach it for two hours.

My pick: Ides of March. If not for the story, for the eye candy.


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