Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Lindsay Lohan...taken away in cuffs.

So this happened today.  In other, similar and possibly more relevant news, I had lunch at Tim Horton' any other day.

Lindsay is an idiot and violated her probation and was taken into custody today and then later released on bail. The judge is not impressed that she missed 9 of her community service appointments since being put on probation.

NINE, good lord. I used to have this roommate who was big into hallucinogenics and was very nocturnal and he slept in missed a court hearing ONCE and got put in jail. It may have only been over night...but still. Also, he may have been lying. He also may have actually been a fugitive from the law at that very moment...I never knew with that one.

Well that whole paragraph doesn't make ME look very legit now does it. Hum, yeah...well, I never said I was the one doing acid and robbing stores and such. I also didn't know the guy before he moved in with us...I think we found him on Craig's List. Let that be a lesson to you.


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