Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Final 2 Canada's Got Talent Judges Annouced

What is this bullshit?!

I am serious CityTV. I am absolutely horrified by your choices of judges for Canada's Got Talent. Who the hell are these people? Nothing against them personally, as I am sure they are very nice individuals, but COME ON.

Dan Levy would have been perfect. ABSOLUTELY PERFECT for the role of one of the judges. And I am pretty sure he would have taken the job, as he isn't doing anything major right now (I swear...the Hills ending was the best and worst thing ever).

But instead of Dan you pick Martin Short and 2 other people I have never seen before.  I mean, we have all heard Stephan Moccio's Olympic anthem I Believe (...and I believe most people will off themselves if they ever hear it again), but I have never actually seen him.

The last judge is Measha Brueggergosman. Once you get over the fact that NO ONE is going to be able to pronounce her name...you then land on the fact that she is an Opera singer. Clearly she should be on the panel because everyone listens to Puccini on the daily and Opera is the new Rap. Eye roll.

And then of course the host is some person from Breakfast Television in Toronto...don't even get me started.

Agh. I need to go sleep off this devastation.


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