Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Dave Grohl...good substitute I guess

Cage the Elephant is currently touring with Foo Fighters in the States and their drummer Jared Champion had to bow out of some shows after his appendix burst. Well that is kind of a pain in the ass...or the right side, if I were to be more literal.

At the concert in West Valley City, Utah last night, Jared was out and some random back-up dude was in...but that wasn't cutting it for the band and a few songs in he was replaced by Dave Grohl. In some circles (the ones that see themselves as the hard core music fiends) Dave will always be known as the drummer from Nirvana, screw that Foo Fighters lead singer BS. And there he is playing again. Magical evening.

Just kidding...I wasn't there so I have no idea if he blew cheese or was a drum god. Kurt may be blowing chunks in heaven right now for all I know, but it would have been cool to be in that audience...amongst all the Mormons and various versions of sister wives.


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