Monday, September 5, 2011

Top 5: New Fall TV Shows

There are a TON of new shows coming out this fall. I actually get light headed just thinking about it. I don't know about you, but I already watch enough shows to fill up 8 lifetimes of TV watching and I don't know how much more I can take. I have put together a list of 5 new shows that I will be tuning into...their success is yet to be determined, but hopefully I chose right.

Hart of Dixie
CW, Monday September 26
Summer Roberts is back! I am a little concerned about Rachel Bilson's ability to carry a show all by herself, but my fingers are crossed. Bilson plays a surgeon who ends up taking a job in small town Alabama. It is like Doc Hollywood meets Sweet Home Alabama.

The Ringer
CW, Tuesday September 13
Sarah Michelle Gellar returns to the small screen as not one, but two ladies - twins. One twin is a stuck up bitch and the other a druggie who is in times. Saw the first episode and from what I can tell it could be a winner...when you watch it just remember - it is the pilot so the boat scene is brutal.

Two Broke Girls
CBS, Monday September 19
Kat Dennings is one of my faves so I didn't even really need to see anything on this to put it on this list. However, I have seen the promo and it looks promising. The blonde girl better pull her own though or I will be pissed. I also don't like the laugh gross.

Up all Night
NBC, Wednesday September 14
It is a commonly known fact that I do not like children so you may be wondering why I would like this show. Besides the cast I think the concept is hilarious...I believe it will be birth control to the idiot population that believes having children is a walk in the park.

Pan Am
ABC, Sunday September 25
This may or may not be a looks like it is taking a few cues from Mad Men sans Don Draper (...mmm Don Draper). I don't know of the allure of a show set in this time is gone now, or if people are interested in the lives of a 1950s stewardess...but we shall see.


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