Monday, September 19, 2011

Top 5: Films of CIFF 2011

The Calgary International Film Festival is about to get under way and to help you in your planning process I have picked my top 5 films that I would like to see this year.

I must say, based on previous years, I was not loving the line up. There are a few that I am excited about, but it was not hard at all to narrow down the list. It is possible that all the films that are of extra ordinary calibre are non-English with subtitles, thus I didn't look at them, but regardless...I'm kind of disappointed and it hasn't even begun.

(I always enjoy being surprised bring it on CIFF).

I feel like I have seen this one before...but Ryan Reynolds was in it and he is hotter than anyone in this flick.  Servitude....Waiting....same thing.  But I DO love that it looks like they are setting it up for the servers to go ape shit on the customers.  That I can support.

So a lady finds out her husband has been secretly been donating to a sperm bank for 25 years and decided to go find and bring home her husbands eldest son. WTF. There are so many things wrong with this concept I don't even know what to tell how the hell she found out who this kid is, but whatever...looks like a weird hipster like ride that one may enjoy.

Family dynamics are always so intriguing. This film is about a family which has a minister adult son and a gay adult son who has not come out to the family yet. I am super interested in how they play this one out. It could be amazing...but one wrong move and it could end up being the worst pick of this list.

Did you know they made a movie about this? I used to read the Asterix and Obelix all the time as a child so I would go see this purely for the nostalgic factor. Paul Giamatti, Evan Rachel Wood, and Brad Garrett voice the characters.

A story about a 'funeral crashing dropout with a ghost friend' and a terminally ill girl...AND that chick from the Babysitters Club. Ballin. This actually is probably my top pick of the whole festival as far as going in with high hopes. 

Honorable mention: Angels Crest. It didn't make the list because it didn't have a it may actually be brutal. was partially filmed in Calgary and it stars Jeremy Piven...and ever since the end of Entourage (last week) I have been dying to see me some new Pivster material.


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    Here's an angels crest trailer! Amazing cast!


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