Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Recap: The Bachelor Pad Finale

The Trash Pad ended last night. Only one more day and all the junk summer TV will be over (I'm talking to you Big Brother)...thank God for MTV or I don't know where I would get my trashy TV fix.

I watched the final episode with much joy. Michael and Holly won the final challenge and chose Grant and Michelle to bring to the finale instead of Vienna and Kasey. Hilarious. It definitely would have been safer to bring the King and Queen of douche, but they went with their friends.

At the chat-chat with all the booted contestants the conversation obviously landed on, and stayed on, Jake and Vienna. Jake is such a smug little dude I can't even handle it, but I love that Vienna was trying to be all 'we made up and everything is good.'

When Kasey got in the hot seat and started saying things like 'I look back at the video and I am not that person' while crying...I was pleading through telepathy to the guys there to get up and punch him in the jugular. So irritating...this is not Dr. Phil. As much as I hate Chris Harrison, I don't think he should have to put up with it. Justin Reggo said something about Kasey sounding like Kermit the Frog and Kasey responded with 'I have a speech impediment'....well that doesn't make you sound any less annoying.

The big 'surprise' of the night was that Blake and Holly were engaged. If you read any kind of celeb goss you already knew this, but I could imagine people who don't being surprised. Especially since Holly was just recently engaged to her teammate Michael. Zing.

As all the contestants get their last few seconds of spotlight the show turns to the final two pairs. Michelle tells everyone that her dad passed away a couple of weeks ago. That is actually really sad. Tear. Moving on. Michael finds out that Holly and Blake are engaged. Shocker.

Michael and Holly win the house vote and go onto the final round. I was actually thinking that they would change up the final challenge this year. They get to choose between Keep and Share. If they both pick share they split the 250,000. If one picks keep and the other share, the person who picked keep gets it all. If they both pick keep the money is split between the rest of the cast. That was super rad in the first season when the contestants didn't know what was coming, but it do it again....boring.

You had to know that they would both pick share. This is why: the Bachelor/Bacheorette contestants are one incestuous family. There is no way that one person would ever take all of the money because they would be hated and ostracized for the rest of their lives from the group. I was really hoping Michael would pick 'keep'. I mean, his former fiancee is now engaged and he found out about it on TV and she really didn't do anything through the show. He is a complete idiot...he is probably the only one ever who could have picked 'keep' and not been shot on site.

Well that's it. Until next summer...that's a wrap on the Trash Pad.


Side note: When typing in Michael and Holly in google images this is what came up.

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