Friday, September 9, 2011

Reba is coming back to TV!

Finally some good news to wrap up my pretty lame week! Reba is coming back to TV. ABC I was devastated when they cancelled Reba, but it is redemption time. This is what I know about the show:

...after her “good ol boy” rock star husband cheats on her and burns through most of their money, Reba (McEntire) divorces him and moves her family from Nashville to the only asset she has left — a little house in Malibu. There she’ll try to reignite her own singing career and keep herself and her three kids from being corrupted by the materialistic and rarefied Malibu world she now calls home. 

And this sounds like it could be a good one...except when I think Nashville in Southern California I think Hannah Montana, but Reebs can make any story legit.

Doing a happy dance about the return of the Reebs!


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  1. I love Reba. Let's hope the show is well written and worthy of her talents. Getting to hear her sing is a great bonus we didn't get in her old show.


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