Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Nicholas Sparks getting into Television

Nicholas Sparks, most famously known for The Notebook, is going to be writing a TV show called The Watchers about a fallen angel in search of his true love, who is mortal. Sounds so....Sparky.

Not sure that I approve....actually as I write that I retract. I do not approve of the 'supernatural' angle of the show. Can we just have a good drama geared at the younger demographic that does not fall into the pit of hell with the likes of Vampire Diaries and Twilight? Can the world just please get over its obsession with this crap?

Side note: This reminds me of City of Angels (which in turn reminds me of the days when Meg Ryan was popular and Nicolas Cage was big and not a complete joke...) and you know how that pans out for the angel turned human don't you? F'ing Meg Ryan dies and he is left chillin as a human alone. Gawd I hated that movie.

I just hope the angel is hot...I am assuming he is a dude because the mortal lesser character in these types of story lines are always chicks. Stupid, naive, annoying chicks.


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