Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Movie Madness: Out This Weekend

So don't forget that CIFF is still running until Sunday and there are still a number of good movies out there for your viewing pleasure. Now if you feel like hitting up something more are this weeks new releases.

I've actually been pretty excited for this moving since it started filming. A serious subject with some laughs...PLUS I heart Joseph Gordon-Levitt.  True love.

OH MA GAWD...turn the light bulbs everyone. It's like Bend It Like Beckham on ice with Rob Lowe. I 100% thought this was a joke when I first saw the trailer, but Rob Lowe is in it...and he is hot and legit so it must be the real deal. I don't know what is up with this bedroom scene between Russell Peters and the main dude looks like they are getting ready to jump in that bed together. Not that there is anything wrong with that...but he also talks about banging Camilla Bell. Pick a side!

Dream House
Mother fack. Don't let the name fool you...this preview just scared the beejeez out of me. I clearly have not been watching enough TV commercials lately. Horror. Pass. (And if we are taking bets on the killer...old man who everyone loves who lives down the street..just a guess).

Machine Gun Preacher
Gerard Butler's controversial film about a Christian dude who goes to Africa to save orphans in a war torn country has finally arrived. If you saw it at TIFF go shove a crayon up your ass...this is the commoners turn to see it. I am very excited to see how much Gerard's accent changes in the movie...cause it varies about 5 times in the preview alone. Ba ha.

What's Your Number
So it is a movie about a slew who reads that a certain number of sexual relations may make you non-marriage instead of looking for new dongs she goes off in search of her ex's...hoping that they got better over time. She enlists the help of her douchebag neighbour and they end up falling in love. The End.  So I don't know if that is for sure what happens...but it is a classic cookie cutter RomCom, so what are you expecting. Chris Evans is hot, but Anna Faris makes my brain turn to mush. Can't handle her.

My pick: 50/50....or Machine Gun Preacher. Shoot, it has been a while since there has been two contenders in one week. Things are looking up.


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