Thursday, September 15, 2011

Movie Madness: Out This Weekend

So this weekend we have a couple of good ones coming out and one old one making a reappearance. BALLING!

Reasons why this movie will be better than the Transporter (which it basically is). 1. The driver is not offense baldies, but I prefer hair. 2. Ryan Gosling is hotter than Jason Statham...and that is not because he is not bald, it's because he is Ryan Gosling. 3. It looks more is a little more than screwing a chick in the back of a car, racing down the street, and kicking the crap out of meat heads.

I Don't Know How She Does It
Sarah Jessica Parker's voice annoys me. If I see this movie that is what I am going to think the entire time. I could watch the entire Sex and the City series and not be as annoyed as I am just watching this one trailer. I do heart Greg Kinnear though...there is a glimmer of hope in ever movie (ok not quite...that was a very generous moment I just had there). Oh, and if you were wondering how she does guess is a live in nanny from the Philippines - or somewhere in that vicinity.

The Lion King ( 3D)
The mother f'ing Lion King on the big screen again. I am not so thrilled that it is in 3D (because these giant glasses can't handle another pair of giant glasses on top of them)...but I will deal with the pain to see Simba raised in the Circle of Life once more. It is only being played on the big screen for 2 rush the theatre and give them your money while you is like the movie is coming out of the vault, but you can't buy it later on Ebay.

Straw Dogs
I am wondering if Mr. Skarsgard was banging Kate Bosworth while they were filming this...cause I could see him actually playing a crazed psycho if someone was for real banging his woman. But really...this looks like a cheesy horror movie (as 'cheese' as horrors can get). I also think that she is somehow in on this whole thing...cause who would really like someone who wears Harry Potter glasses as anything besides a joke? Exactly.

My pick: Do you really need to ask? Throw back to the 90s bitches. Lion King all the way!


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