Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Kutcher's Walden...Completely Unfunny

Ashton Kutcher to replace Charlie Sheen on Two and a Half Men never really seemed like a good substitute to me. Now, after watching two episodes of a Charlie-less show, I have decided that there is no way Kutcher's Walden can ever win me over.

Stupid characters are meant to be supporting characters or a main character of a large group of stars (ie. Joey, Phobe), they should never be the star. Walden is a man-child who acts out like a spoiled child. The only smart thing about him is his knowledge base of computers, but his street smarts are about as high as Jake's...now THAT'S saying something.

We already have the pathetic love-ri-tard in Alan, and that is painful enough to watch. Kutcher is over doing it right now...I do not believe this character at all. If there was a person like that out in the world I would kick him in the nuts and then light his f'ing Jesus hair on fire.

I also feel like the laugh track is being rammed down my throat. I never noticed it before on the show....maybe because I was actually laughing too, but there is an awful lot of laughing for an awful lot of nothing.

What a fail.


Side note: Silver lining, Judy Greer was introduced last night. Love her.


  1. When they announced Ashton Kutcher was going to be on Two and a Half Men, all I could imagine was him playing Kelso from That 70s Show just on a different show. Hopefully Jon Cryer will break character and go ape on him one episode.

  2. yeah, i approached with an open mind but he's unfunny, yet very naturally...


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