Sunday, September 18, 2011

Kill Me Canada

So I caught a little bit of Cover Me Canada tonight. I don't know what made my head hurt more....the singers, or the sweet disgusting garbage spewed out by the judges. Some of the people were not horrible, but the ones that were the judges said nothing bad about them.  At one point Deborah Cox said, "I LOVE LOVE LOVE..." and I wanted her to finish it off with "...NOTHING ABOUT THAT!"

Do you know what happens to a show with judges where the judges don't judge...they fail. Why would anyone want to watch people do any kind of talent without some real feedback? I will be surprised, actually mind blown, if this show keeps viewers. My own mother (who is my polar opposite) said, "Oh, I am so glad they only made us listen to 90 seconds of that."

In the end, the only viewers who watch shows like this are people who have a friend singing on the show or peeps like me that use it as an easy target to bitch about.

Thumbs down.


Side note: I think that SOME of these bands are probably legit when they sing their own music but their covers were so horrible.  For example...Georgia Murray, sounded like her stuff was legit but Up! Shania Twain...WHAT THE FACK.

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  1. i liked the ginger girl from van city.
    georgie murray was too much for me.

    but i agree, on the whole - wow. just bad.
    also, was it just me or were the acoustics terrible?!


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