Monday, September 5, 2011

Kid Cudi surprise guest for All of the Lights

Kayne was performing All of the Lights at a concert in LA and Kid Cudi made a surprise appearance. The crowd obviously freaked out at it was awesome.

Am I surprised that there was a special guest at a concert in LA? No. When is there NOT a special guest when someone performs in LA or New York? Practically never. More so, when have you been to a show that is being filmed that doesn't have a special performer. They totally play it up for the camera. If you ever go to a show and you see cameras on cranes prepare yourself for a surprise.

I think if I lived in LA or NY and went to a show and there wasn't a surprise guest I would be annoyed and unimpressed. I would be one of the most entitled people ever. Thankfully the only surprises Calgary has to look forward to is wannabe cowboys during Stampede, if any.


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