Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I guess the world just doesn't have enough legit humans

So did you hear the story of the people in Utah that witnessed a car accident and then lifted a car up and dragged a guy who was stuck beneath it to safety? Have you also experienced the collective jizzing of everyone in America thinking this is the greatest act of human bravery...ever?

No offense to the people who helped lift the car or the dude who dragged the guy out from underneath it...but would anyone else not have done the exact same thing had they been there? Cause I am pretty sure I would have as would most of the people I have ever met in my entire life including the 90 year old hunch back from the seniors home (...don't even doubt that I have been to a seniors home...ok doubt, but it's true).

I feel like any time a good deed is captured on video it gets whored out more than Jenna Jameson's vajay in the prime of her career. If the first dude that tried to lift it actually succeeded I would say BRAVO and let's get this dude on Ellen or something, but he didn't (obviously) and about 8 other people had to come in and help push (I am not counting the dude in the green shirt with the back pack...his one handed lean did absolutely nothing).

So...yay if that guy is still alive and thanks for being legitimate humans all of you folk that helped move the car, but let's carry on with our lives now.


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