Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hedley's new song used in Grey's Anatomy Promo

I am actually embarrassed to say I spent and entire HOUR trying to find the new Grey's Anatomy promo from CTV of that uses the new Hedley song to post but I came up short. So irritating.

I was going to make fun of CTV for using it because it doesn't suit the show AT ALL, but now that whole idea is shot. But you can still picture it. just play the above video and watch a promo from another season on mute and you will basically get the idea...cause they always look the same. Someone with a dramatic look on their face, blue scrubs, surgery, someone crying, and repeat.

I am will say though I kind of like this song. This does not give Hedley a free pass at life....everyone has a fluke once in a while.


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