Monday, September 12, 2011

Goodbye Entourage, Final Episode Recap

I just finished watching the Entourage episode titled "The End"...fitting, as it was the final episode of the series. My expectation was extremely high, as I feel it should have been. This would be the last time that I would see some of my favorite characters in new episodes. If the people over at HBO screwed this up...I may have had to jump off my balcony....or at least pick up a heroin addiction.

Luckily I did not as the ending was acceptable. Not amazing and/or mind blowing, but they did manage to wrap things up while still leaving some room for a movie while they all keep talking about making.

Vince decides that he is going to marry that reporter girl. That was stupid and completely out of left field. Vinny's character is ridiculous and annoying a good portion of the time so this should not have surprised me, but I was still annoyed.

As I said before, Turtle and Drama wrapped up their lives last week with Turtle becoming a millionaire with his stocks and Drama getting a TV show and a movie. In this episode they play messenger trying to convince Sloan to not move to New York while also trying to convince her to come to Vince's wedding in Paris the next day (I know, completely idiotic).

Eric decides he is going to follow Sloan to New York (where she is moving while packing his unborn child in her uterus) and packs up his office in LA.

Somewhere along the lines Vince tells Sloan's dad, who HATES Eric, that Sloan is preggo with E's child and he loses it, calls Eric and says he is going to kill him. Oops.

While everyone is trying to talk to Sloan for Eric she keeps asking the same question...did E sleep with Melinda (he ex-stepmother)...which he did and everyone denies.

At the end of the movie they all meet in the hanger at the private jet to go to Paris and Sloan waits at another one for Eric. Courtesy of Vince as he managed to sweet talk her into taking him back (which I am sure involved lying and assuring her E did not sleep with Melinda...which he did). Vince tells him they can go anywhere they want.They fly off together...which is super annoying.  They better have gone to Paris for Vince's wedding or they are total D bag friends. If both planes DO end up going to Paris then they are just ass holes who wasted mass amounts of jet fuel for absolutely no reason and Green Peace should go burn down their houses.

Now onto my favorite story. Ari and Mrs. Gold. So Ari's wife decides she wants to tell the kids that they are getting divorced. Ari is a complete wreck...he has a moment of enlightenment and decides to quite his job and give up the company. He leaves with only a photo of his family and a giant golden horseshoe. He goes home to Mrs. Gold and tells her that he wants to go and spend a year in Italy not working just hanging out with her. Aw how sweet. She takes him back and all is right in the world once more. (Thank God...I am currently having daily anxiety attacks and I am not sure why...if they stop then their break up may have been my issue).

Ari and Mrs. Gold get on the plane as well for Paris with Vince, Turtle, Drama and the journalist lady who is such a minor character I can't even remember her name. The most satisfying part of the whole episode is when they are all leaving and Scott Lavin, Eric's business partner, is there and says he just came to see them off. When Vinny asks him why he isn't coming he says that it looks like it is a family affair....that's right! Know your place bitch!

After the final credits rolls you see Ari and wife in Italy chillin in the sun and Ari gets a phone call from the President of a studio (you know, the old dude who played Seth Cohen's grandpa on the OC who died in season 2...or maybe it was the end of season 1, I can't remember).  He says that he wants Ari to come and replace him. This means Ari would be making billions...I believe the description was "Other people will buy nice cars, but you will own the places that supply them." In other words....filthy f-cking rich.

And that's the the movie is going to be about Ari being even bigger than before, Eric being a daddy, Vinny being married, Turtle finally having money and Drama being...well, Drama.  I am totally down with this.  Lloyd better be in the movie though. It's a must.

Goodbye Entourage. Thanks for being fake famous for all these years.


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