Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Gerard Butler hires security after TIFF threats

Gerard Butler has recently buffed up his security while at TIFF after receiving threats over his film Machine Gun Preacher.

I guess the movie is controversial because it is about a former Hells Angels dealer who converts to Christianity and heads to war-torn Sudan to save orphans. The controversy comes from the fact that it is a Christian helping Muslim children in a Muslim country and the film's Christian bias.

I am not sure exactly who is making these threats, but I have an idea. The fact that Butler actually beefed up his security with ex-servicemen tells me that he knows this is legit.

Leave it to a small number to make the rest of the group look bad. Tisk tisk. It's a f-cking MOVIE...just like David Letterman is just an old dude with a gap in his teeth and glasses.


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