Monday, September 5, 2011

Entourage, One more episode

Entourage is coming to an end. Agh...devastating. There was a couple of seasons in the middle there that blew, but over all - I love Vinny and the gang.

After watching this weeks episode and realizing that there is only one episode left I can't believe that they are actually going to be able to wrap everything up! First we just got the bomb dropped on us that Sloan is preggo with E's fetus and she is moving away - so clearly that needs to get resolved. Ari just dumped Dana in favour of his wife that has filed for that needs a conclusion. Vinny is gonna try to get with that reporter, but I am sure they could wrap that story line in 3 minutes.

I think we are done with Turtle after the revelation that he just got a ton of money from the tequila company he had shares in. Drama got his TV show and his movie so we are done with him as well.

So the next episode is going to be all about E and Ari...hopefully. I also would like something good to happen to Lloyd. For real.

It's almost over!


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