Thursday, September 1, 2011

Did Mike get his Ass Beat?

What the hell Jersey Shore!!

All this build up for weeks making us think that Ronnie kicks Mike's ass by showing them yelling and then Mike on a stretcher. So what actually happened? Mike smashed his OWN head into a concrete wall while freaking out at Ronnie and went to the hospital for a possible concussion.

I don't know what is more lame, the fact that he did that to himself or the fact that the girls are crying like they just announced he had stage 4 cancer and had a week to live. I don't mind drama...I actually quite enjoy it. Ridiculous unneeded drama is just annoying.

Speaking of ridiculous drama...Ron and Sam fight and break up, yet again. The usual. Same shit different country...and I am officially over Italy.

Vinny and Pauly just sit back and watch this shit go down....basically like the people at home watching the TV, but they have a front row seat. Ron calls Vinny the Dr. Phil of the house. I have said it once and I will say it again...Dr. Phil gets paid millions to tell people COMMON SENSE. The minute you start calling someone Dr. Phil with an impressed tone it indicates to me that you are a complete idiot.

All these f'ers need to check into AA, stop drinking and get their lives together.


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