Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Dark Knight Rises...Stop the 'Leaking'

You know what is irritating...when you see an article titled 'More Dark Knight Rises Videos Leak Online' and then you watch this (above). What the hell kind of 'leak' is that!? I think people have become so obsessed with stalking movies that they think are going to be awesome that they are just ruining the mystery. Next thing you know they are going to try to tap into Christopher Nolan's dreams to get his next film out of him before he even consciously thinks about it....or Spielberg or any of those other master filmmakers.

Did you really need to see a video of a bunch of cars piled in a tunnel? There is no way anyone would have known what was going on there or what they were filming without this jackass taking a video, giving it a DKR name and sitting back and watching the video views rise.

So. Bloody. Annoying.

I think people should just let these movies be. I know that sometimes I get all up in the grill of a movie because I am excited or what not, but this is a little much. Generally when I am giving out deets of a filming that is currently in production it is because there is a famous hottie in the film and I am trying to give my peeps the heads up for a celeb stalk...not show the world a pile of cars. That I could have done without.


Side Note: I am also peeved that I don't have a British accent so when I say things like 'bloody annoying' it sounds stupid. I would also like to be able to say words like 'brilliant' and sound cool...but the Canadian accent just doesn't allow for it. Lame.

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